* Commitment and consistency with customers and collaborators.

* Proximity and service oriented relation.

* Diversity and Strategic Services.

* Passion and Integrity in our services.


Sessi Consult LTD (Sessicon) is a service oriented organization, established in the year 2015

As the country’s economy continues to develop and expand in all areas including the oil and gas sectors, there is an increasing need for basic services such as Marketing. Corporate organizations require swift services to maximize time and space and also to facilitate swift dissemination of information to clients. This is the reason why Sessi Consult Ltd (Sessicon) is available to help relieve the stress and provide the requisite services needed. The company aims to provide the best strategic marketing tools so as to reduce personal and corporate stress as well as to promote the growth and best traffic for businesses.

SESSICON maybe a new buzz word in the corporate world, however, excellent marketing service is not a new process to us. A corporate diverse service differentiates us from the rest.  

SESSICON prides itself with affordable but effective strategic marketing services in the corporate world. This concept practically gives a multi marketing packages to the beneficiaries. Certainly, this model comes with lots of benefits to cooperate entities that outsource these services.  

SESSICON had initial goal to develop marketing services that effectively promote the growth and recognition of Banks, Churches, Schools, SMEs, etc. and those who are into Event Organization through our distinct packages.   

Currently, SESSICON is targeting a very narrow segment of an extreme high end of the market: thus, the corporate world.

Our strategy is to focus on all our resources into giving quality services to our chosen customers. Since there is a gap between quality service, delivery promised and what is actually delivered.


To equip people with needed skills and training, to impact lives and affect generations through the provision of marketing services with innovation, practicality, and modern technology.  


Our vision is to become a global brand in providing the best and reliable marketing services both domestic and commercial using cutting edge technology with well trained and groomed personnel who understand the ever increasing customer sophistication with good mood.  


To be different in the execution of our services: through honesty, reliability on time and speed, apparently making use of competent personnel in achieving results

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